2020…. What started out as any other year quickly changed into one of my most challenging years in business, I had to adapt our business plan in every way, for what can only be described as a roller coaster of year. The start of a new year is always a time for reflection and what a year 2020 was.
January we focussed on setting business goals, organising inventory and booking events for the year. At this point are income primarily came from in person events, such as markets and craft fairs, as well as stocking retail stores. February was our first event of 2020, our regular market at Vintage Home which we loved attending.  
Moving through to March and the start of our Spring Markets, the lead up to our busiest season.  Then the world seemed to stop and COVID-19 quickly became incredibly real, we put measures in place so we could continue to safely attend in person events. On the 14th March we attended Croston Village Market, and what we had hoped would be a successful regular event for us. Little did we know just two weeks later on March 23rd the UK would go into total lockdown, and all our events for the foreseeable cancelled. 
During April through to June I focussed on moving our business online and photographing all the products I had made for our Spring/Summer events. I worked non-stop revamping the website and launching our new eBay store. The launch and success of our new online store was definitely a highlight for 2020.
Then it was Summer! The UK gradually came out of tough lockdown restrictions, and we started to feel some normality. I made the decision that for the time being I would continue to focus on building the online business, through out 2020 this was definitely my silver lining. At this point I decided to hire a photographer, and working with Lam D.Peretti was another highlight of 2020.
2020 was a year I will never forget, I am beyond grateful for the continued support of our customers.
Here's to 2021. Love, Lydia.